Causes and symptoms of Long COVID syndrome

♦️ Causes and symptoms of Long COVID syndrome ♦️


Currently, there is an increasing number of patients who have been infected with coronavirus but still have abnormal symptoms or a syndrome known as Long COVID. This makes this syndrome receive more attention. Let’s get to know the Long COVID syndrome. 


♦️What is Long COVID syndrome ? 

It is unusual conditions that persist for more than 3 months after infection with coronavirus. Symptoms may persist for months or even years. Some symptoms can be treated but some symptoms require long-term treatment and may have permanent effects on the body.


♦️ Cause of Long COVID

Current information was found that the probable cause was

– There are still viruses or viral remains in the body. As a result, inflammatory reactions occur continuously. 

– Persistent immune system dysfunction after infection

– Some organs are permanently damaged during infection or inflammation. 

♦️ Symptoms of Long COVID

can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Groups with symptoms but no organ damage are:

– Exhaustion or chronic fatigue 

– Hormonal dysfunction such as low thyroid, irregular menstruation

– Immune malfunctions causing autoimmune diseases such as SLE, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid

– Sleep problems, insomnia

– Brain fog, poor memory

– Lack of concentration and creativity

– mood swings


  1. Groups with symptoms and organ damage are:

– Lungs have ulcers or fibrosis causing symptoms of tiredness, difficulty breathing.

– Blood clots in various organs from embolism.

– Myocarditis

– Brain damage from hypoxia


It can be seen that the symptoms and severity of Long COVID are not the same for each person. Some of which may have long-term or permanent effects. Therefore, it should not be underestimated. If you have symptoms that are suspected to be Long COVID, you should consult your doctor immediately. 


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