Brain fog, Memory regression: Covid-19 effects on brain functions


Brain fog, Memory regression: Covid-19 effects on brain functions. 

Some people who have recovered from Covid-19 have symptoms of impairment in cognitive function or advanced brain function.

Cognitive functions or the advanced functions of the brain include memory, language, distance and direction perception, visual and oral functions, attention to complex activities, and executive function including behavioral and emotional expressions (Mood).

The cause of the impact on cognitive function from Covid-19 is when the brain is disturbed or attacked during the course of the infection. Scientists assume Brain injuries caused by Covid-19 can be caused by the following reasons:

– Direct inflammation of the brain or encephalitis. This condition can cause residual lesions in the brain and have long-term effects on the brain.

– Stroke: Based on previous findings, infection with Covid-19 is a risk factor for cerebral ischemia. In particular, people over 70, or even younger people, are seven times more likely to experience strokes after contracting Covid-19 than with a common cold.

– Lack of oxygen: caused by a lack or deficiency of air or oxygen during a lung infection. causing insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, causing injury to brain cells.

Symptoms of a problematic cognitive condition include:
– easily confused, impaired order of thinking
– Poor memory, easy to forget
– Forgetting a person, place or event
– Lack of concentration at work
– Difficulty learning new things
– Trouble making decisions
– Lack of creativity
– mood swings
– Changed behavior
-Risk of certain brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s

The impact on cognitive function from Covid-19 can be frightening and can greatly affect functioning and daily living. It’s important to prevent Covid-19 with proper vaccinations, protect yourself strictly and maintain good health.
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