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Klaire’ Skin IV Formula

             Because we understand, the skin are important as our skin in addition to being the first barrier in covering the body and preventing bacteria. It is also the first thing that people can see and reference. So many people want to have healthy skin bright with aura. Some people try to apply the skin with nourishing cream products that contain ingredients to make the skin white. Which is safe product, it will take longer to see results that may not be instant. And some skin care that contain harmful ingredients to accelerate the skin. If used for a long term, the results will not be good skin as you want. May lead to unwanted side effects as well.

At Klaire Clinic, we have helper for urgent skin rejuvenation from being hurt by pollution and sunlight. Including skin that has been neglected for a long period. Perfect Skin Radiant is a high quality vitamin C supplement that is concentrated in combination with amino acids by pass the brine line to the body straight. Which will help combat free radicals and nourish the body Increase immunity. Make the skin healthy, protect the skin from pollution and disturbances. Makes the skin look radiant with an aura We have a specialist Intravenous doctor for specially invented IV formula to get excellent results.

1. Nourishing Skin IV Formula

The ideal formula for those who focus on hydrated and radiant skin. It restores dry skin from climate change by adding multivitamins, various D fatty acids, and essential omega-3 fatty acids to the body and high-quality vitamin C to moisturize and reduce dryness, nourish and revitalize the skin, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve the nervous system and memory, strengthen immunity and prevent colds.

2. Perfect Skin Radiant IV Formula

The formula is suitable for those who emphasize the beauty of bright skin with aura by adding high-quality multivitamins, amino acids, and vitamin C through filters and a light shield to give the service the best performance from our vitamin drip. It brightens the face and body skin, revitalizes dull skin from the sun, stimulates skin cell turnover and collagen formation – anti-oxidants, slows down and reduces premature aging, acnes and scars heal faster, Detoxifies the liver, strengthens the immune system and prevent colds.