Hormone Test Promotion August 2022

Sex Hormone : An important part of helping the body to have a good shape 💪🏻

♦️Testosterone ♦️
✔️Helps the body burn fat better
✔️ Stimulates muscle building
✔️ Reduce the accumulation of fat cells

♦️Progesterone ♦️
✔️ Reduces the accumulation of fat in the body
✔️ Reduce edema
✔️ Enhance the functioning of thyroid hormone

❗️ If the body has abnormal levels of sex hormones may cause a feeling of exhaustion, Lack of strength to do activities, and Less muscle mass but more fat mass. This puts the risk of obesity and other diseases that may follow in the future.

🩺So if you or someone close to you has hormonal abnormalities, Hormone levels should be checked for proper diagnosis and treatment. We provide hormone testing services to help your body get back on track. Measure and treat problems at the right points for sustainable good health and safety.

📢 Special promotion, 10% discount on all packages of hormone test.

🗓️ From today – 31 August 2022 only

** We reserve the right not to combine with other discounts or promotions.

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