Integretive Cartilage Rejuvenation Therapy

Integretive Cartilage Rejuvenation Therapy

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If you have “knee pain”, “difficult to sit up or walk”, or “difficult going up and down stairs”. 😖 Don’t let these problems continue until it’s too late. Treat with an ICR program to restore the knee effectively and safely by specialists at Klaire Medical Center 🧑‍⚕️

🧑‍⚕Signs of Osteoarthritis
❌ Knee pain when walking, sitting up, or going up and down stairs
❌ Loud noise when moving the knee
❌ Knee stiffness, difficulty moving or walking
❌ Swollen joints, fluid in the joints

These symptoms can be treated with ICR (Integrative Cartilage Rejuvenation) therapy which is different from traditional treatment as follows:
✅ Restoring cartilage through the body’s natural processes.
✅ It’s not drug or steroid use. No accumulation or harm to the organs in the body.
✅ No surgery needed. Reduce the cost and risk of surgery.
✅ After doing it, you can use it normally. Do not need to rest for a long time.
✅ Show results in 2 to 4 weeks.

At Klaire Medical Center, in addition to integrative medicine therapy for good results, We also focus on the cleanliness of the environment including germ-free and quality of products used. In order for our clients to receive effective and safe treatment 👍🏻

✅ Cared for and treated by orthopedic and sports medicine doctors from leading hospitals

✅ Providing services with international standards Accredited by AACI International Institute


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