How to take care of acne problems caused by wearing a mask or “Maskne”

How to take care of acne problems caused by wearing a mask or “Maskne” 😷

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak situation, everyone has to wear a mask to protect themselves from the virus. In which wearing a mask continuously for many hours or maybe throughout the day on a regular basis contribute to provoking acne or skin inflammation more easily. The environment of the skin under the mask is both hot, humid, and oil on the face. It also irritates the friction of the mask. The acne caused by wearing a mask is called “Maskne” or (mask + acne ).

👉🏻 However, wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus is very important and inevitable. Today I would like to bring some good tips from Klaire Organic, a shop for beauty and health lovers. Let’s share with everyone. In order to keep our skin away from acne. Even if you have to wear a mask all day.

If you don’t want to be a “Maskne” …let’s start like this.

Facial cleanser: Choose products that are gentle on the skin and alcohol-free. Wash your face 2 times a day is enough (washing too often is not good because it will disturb the balance of the skin.) and should avoid direct exfoliation (such as vigorous scrubbing) after washing the face, the skin should feel soft and smooth, not tight.

Skincare: Choose a light skin care product such as gels, serums, and light lotions. Notice that after applying, the skin should feel soft, moisturized, comfortable, and not sticky. Avoid those that contain oil (oil-based) and should apply to the skin immediately after washing your face to allow nourishing products to penetrate into the skin well. If you have acne medication, Do not forget to point only at the acne spots as well.

Makeup: Choose makeup that is easy to wash off, and not waterproof, and don’t forget to apply light texture sunscreen. Or some people may choose to make up only the visible parts such as the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead to reduce clogging of the skin under the mask.

◾ For those who do not make-up, When applying all skin care products You should not wear a mask right away. It is recommended that you leave it for a while to allow the creams to absorb into the skin first.

◾ If wearing a mask for several hours in a row, You should find time to take a break for a bit. But be especially careful to remove the mask only in safe places such as private rooms, private cars, or open spaces outside the building where the wind blows. (And must not have other people nearby).

◾ Nighttime rejuvenation is important. In addition to using light and gentle skin care products, supplementing with a good mask to nourish our skin as well. It will make the skin be restored more effectively as well.

☺ Just as above, we can take care of our faces to be healthy in a situation where you have to wear a hygienic mask all the time like this, you can get it.

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