Post COVID Recovery Program

Post COVID Recovery Program

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Post COVID Recovery Program

Recover your health after covid infection with a personalized

♦️At present, the number of coronavirus cases has increased dramatically as recent mutations are more contagious than previous species. As a result, the number of people with abnormal symptoms that occur after being infected with the coronavirus is increasing steadily. It is presumed to be caused by the functioning of the affected organ during the infection including the immune system has not returned to normal resulting in the operation of other systems.

These symptoms vary from person to person, for example:
– Fatigue, easily tired
– no power, decreased physical ability
– hormonal imbalance, easily gaining weight or getting thinner for no apparent reason.
– chronic pain conditions such as muscle pain, headache
– Insomnia, sleep problems
– Poor memory or attention, Brain fog
– Mood swings, depression, anxiety
– sensory disturbance: less taste, decreased sense of smell, abnormal hearing or noise
– Immune system changes Immunity is too little or too much, causing the body to be affected, for example, easy to get sick, easily inflamed. or self-allergy

Post COVID Recovery program

: was developed to provide comprehensive health services, including health checkups and recovery programs after COVID infection. We determine what’s causing your symptoms so we can provide you with the path to recovery.
In the program, our specialists offer consultation, proper therapy, and customized treatments for individual health issues. With clear and easy-to-understand instructions, you will know what you should be doing throughout your recovery journey.

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