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Believe it or not, in this time food is convenient and ready to serve at home, just diligence your fingertips but there are still a lot of people suffering from malnutrition and protein deficiency. Even though we have not lack of food shortage like in the past but due to the rush hour of everyday life that gives us the eating habits in a new way “Just eat for full” such as choosing to eat from convenience stores, fast food or “eat according to trends”. Few people will have time to sit and eat intently to complete the 5 groups according to the nutrition they should have.

Although the food currently consists of how much protein or how much we eat. One of the drawbacks that we still lack protein is the gastrointestinal system and nutrient absorption are not fully functional. Or cannot digest those proteins

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Are you currently lacking protein? Our bodies always notify us when abnormalities occur. The symptoms of a protein deficiency can be observed ourselves even don’t have to do the blood test.

• How often are you hungry? Because the protein stimulates the production of glucose which allows the body to feel full and sends signals to the brain to stop eating

• The skin, hair, and nails will become dry, hair fall and peel off

• The body heals slowly, weak, has no strength, is not refreshed, or has joint pain in the case of protein deficiency for a long time.

• How often do you feel bored, obsessed, forgetful, doing something repeatedly?

• How is your sleep, difficulty sleeping, insomnia, or quality of sleep?

In the past, amino acids IV treatment like this were used to treat chronic patients with muscle atrophy. But nowadays, the formula has been applied and adjusted to suit with needs of health-conscious people.

ACTIVE-FIT IV FORMULA at KMC is the introduction of essential amino acids that we need. The formula has been modified by the medical expert focus on nourishing and restoring the body appropriately for each person.

• Build muscle, restore and repair all parts of the body

• Stimulates the secretion of Growth hormones, helps repair

• Helps to produce neurotransmitters, which help in sleep, memory

• Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin under the skin keeping youthful like an anti-aging agent that will reduce various degeneration in the body

• Helps to create enzymes, hormones, and chemical balance


Suitable for

• People who lack of protein

• People who want to build muscle People who like to exercise and want to burn the fat out

• People who do not have time to focus on eating.

• People who want to nourish skin Hair and nails, remain youthful

• Vegan groups lacking protein nutrients due to not eating animal products

• People who experience problems in digestion and absorption of food


Term & Conditions

• This package may not be used with a corporate partner, insurance direct billing agreements, nor may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, corporate partner discounts, or promotions.

• Terms, conditions, and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

• Klaire Medical Center reserves the right not to accept the refund after the payment process is completed.

• Please make an appointment in advance. Tel 02-227-0600, 02-000-7135 or email : info@klairemedicalcenter.com



• This package does not include the initial consultation

• This package is not recommended for G6PD deficiency patients or customers who have allergies to vitamins or nutrients in the formula. Please consult with the officer before completing the order.

• If you have a medical condition or taking medication, please notify the officer in advance.

The initial consultation with a physician is necessary before the first time of therapy. Klaire Medical Center reserves the right to adjust the compound or the dosage of vitamins, determined at the discretion of a physician.