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Leaky Gut Repair IV Formula

Restore digestive function and balances nutrients for increased gut health instantly and optimally.

At KLAIRE Medical Center, we developed the IV formula called “Leaky gut repair” to administer nutrients and essential amino acids intravenously into the bloodstream. The formulated supplements could repair the damage, abnormal intestine functioning and heal leaky gut conditions caused by small intestinal bacterial infection or overgrowth. By bypassing the gut and infusing your cells with these nutrients, you can guarantee 100% absorption. The healing leaky gut condition could be more likely healing symptoms of long-term inflammation promoted by chronic illness, cramping, irritable bowels, constipation, excess weight, anxiety, or fatigue. Moreover, it is helpful to improve the body’s immune system and prevent muscle wasting from being chronically stressed.

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Suitable for:

• A person with the leaky gut syndrome

• A person who has just been cured of diarrhea

• A person who has poor absorption of nutrients from long-term medication use.

• A person who has a food allergy

• A person who has just been discharged from the hospital due to digestive inflammation/ conditions.

• Speed up the recovery for a person who had stomach-related surgery.

Term & Conditions

• This package may not be used with a corporate partner, insurance direct billing agreements, nor may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, corporate partner discounts, or promotions.

• Terms, conditions, and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

• Klaire Medical Center reserves the right not to accept the refund after the payment process is completed.

• This package can be transferred to any other person.

• Please make an appointment in advance. Tel 02-227-0600, 02-000-7135 or email : info@klairemedicalcenter.com



• This package does not include the initial consultation

• This package is not recommended for G6PD deficiency patients or customers who have allergies to vitamins or nutrients in the formula. Please consult with the officer before completing the order.

• If you have a medical condition or taking medication, please notify the officer in advance.

The initial consultation with a physician is necessary before the first time of therapy. Klaire Medical Center reserves the right to adjust the compound or the dosage of vitamins, determined at the discretion of a physician.