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Vitamin and mineral supplementation has become increasingly popular among people who are health conscious. Some people see immediate results after taking the supplements. However, some people may not experience the effects because they might not be choosing the ‘right’ mineral that the body needs. Moreover, there may be other underlying factors preventing the absorption of these minerals such as the accumulation of toxic heavy metals. Studies have shown that toxic heavy metals weaken our immune system making us more prone to illnesses such as chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, and muscle pains. They also hinder the absorption of zinc, copper, and selenium, the three essential minerals that help our body eliminate these heavy metals.

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          OligoScan is an innovative device that allows quick precise and ‘real time’ analysis of minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals in our bodies. The method is also completely non-invasive and pain-free because the OligoScan is a spectrophotometer device that uses a safe light beam to collect data from the tissues of the palm of our hands. The data is then sent to an off-site server that immediately sends the test results back within minutes. The OligoScan is able to analyze more than 20 different minerals and 14 commonly found heavy metals.


Suit for

• People who are afraid of needles but would like to screen for mineral deficiencies and toxic heavy metals

• People who are taking daily mineral supplements and would like to find out about their current mineral levels

• People who would like to start taking supplements but is not sure which mineral would be right for them

• People who exercise regularly especially marathoners, cyclists, and triathletes

• People who live in the city or industrialized areas

• People who are always in direct contact with chemical substances such as insecticides, fertilizers, weed removers, hair dyes, hair sprays, etc.

• People who consume processed food e.g packaged snacks, instant noodles, sausages, smoked hams, frozen food, soft drinks, etc.

• Smokers


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