6 tips to prepare for a safe New Year trip, far from COVID-19

6 tips to prepare for a safe New Year trip, far from COVID-19

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This new year, many people may have plans to travel together after not traveling for many years. But because the bad virus COVID-19 is still around us, we should not be careless and still have to raise the guard first. Today, Klaire Medical Center has 6 good tips. Let everyone prepare before going on a trip during the New Year holidays.

♦️ Travel planning
: If possible, travel by private vehicle. But if you need to travel by public transport such as buses or planes, it is recommended to wear a face mask all the time on the plane. Avoid eating or drinking to avoid unnecessary removal of the mask.

♦️ Actions to reduce risks
: In addition to wearing a hygienic mask. Should maintain a distance of 1-2 meters between each other, avoid touching surfaces that may be dirty and frequently wash hands with soap and alcohol gel.

♦️ Selection of attractions
: Try to choose a place where not too crowded and has well ventilation. Maybe try going to some new unseen attractions that, in addition to not many people traveling, also gain new experiences that have never been found before.

♦️ Choosing accommodations and restaurants
: Choose accommodations and restaurants that are hygienic and safe. If in doubt, look for the SHA (Safe and Health Administration) sign issued by the Ministry of Tourism to set sanitary standards for various service places.

♦️ Check your ATK before traveling
: For the peace of mind of fellow travelers, the ATK check for COVID infection should not be neglected. Because do not forget that there may be elderly people or children joining the trip. We also have to eat together during the trip. If there is an infection from fellow travelers, We definitely wouldn’t have fun.

♦️ Getting the body ready
: You should get enough sleep, avoid stress, and refrain from partying or strenuous exercise before traveling. Because these things can cause immune impairment and increase the risk of illness during the trip.

♦️ Get your luggage ready
: If traveling in places very cold, clothing and winter equipment should be prepared enough. Experiencing unfamiliar weather can easily cause us to get sick. Don’t forget to prepare the necessary medicines and supplements to help strengthen immunity and your body’s functions throughout the trip.


If you can do as follows, The risk of getting infected with COVID during travel will be reduced. May this New Year’s trip is a happy and impressive trip for you and your beloved ones. 💕

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