Plasma Therapy : The Miracle of Your Own Blood

Plasma Therapy : The Miracle of Your Own Blood

Plasma Therapy is a new innovation of treatment by bringing the patient’s own blood to extract the platelet-rich plasma part which contains with growth factor and injecting it back into the body to support the treatment of trauma of muscles, tendons and cartilage. It can make recovery from injury faster as well as used in the field of beauty (Aesthetic) with facial injections to strengthen collagen, restore the skin to be firm and smooth, and reduce scars.


♦️ Suitable for
– Osteoarthritis of knee and shoulder
– People with tendon and muscle injuries from sports or accidents.
– Tendon inflammation or chronic pain on the elbow, knee, shoulder, or heel.
– People who want to restore youthfulness to the face, reduce wrinkles, and increase collagen. Balancing skin pigmentation for a clearer complexion.


♦️ Direction
– Can be used continuously safely because it is a natural healing process.
– Knee joint, injected 3 times
– Tendons or muscles, injected 1-2 times.
– Rejuvenate and nourish facial skin, injected every 1-3 months depending on demand.

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