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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is a medical science that focuses on the recovery of various systems from deterioration. With the advancement of modern medicine, there are various and safe rehabilitation therapies. The doctor has to analyze the individual problems and select the appropriate treatment. However, we offer the therapies as follows:


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is suitable for people with hormonal disorders in the body. It is either insufficient or imbalanced and can cause conditions and diseases such as menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, brain disease and mood swings.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy : PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma is a high-concentration injection of platelets extracted from the patient’s own blood. It contains a high amount of growth factor, or repair stimulant, by injected into an area that needs treatment or recovery. It is suitable for treating deterioration of organs both from aging and from overuse. Such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, chronic wounds and wrinkled skin.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment that energizes cells in the body with a laser through a vein. It will stimulate the cells to have more energy. As a result, it can keep the body healthy and also treat some diseases such as certain cardiovascular disease, certain brain diseases, ischemic stroke, kidney failure (Due to the insufficient blood supply to the kidneys), chronic wounds from diabetes or ischemia, emphysema, asthma, stress and insomnia.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is applying pure and safe medical ozone to treat diseases and strengthen the body to be healthier, stimulate body regeneration, increase immunity, and postpone the deterioration of the body. Ozone can also kill germs, bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It also cleans blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation as well.

NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ Therapy is another option for restoring a healthy body. It stimulates energy generation, improves nervous system function, and improves immunity and anti-aging. In addition, it affects the brain by clearing the brain, improving creative thinking and memory skills, as well as reducing symptoms of depression or emotional problems.

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