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Terms and conditions


M.D. Health and Beauty Co., Ltd. (“the company”) welcomes every website user into the website under the company’s management. This website will provide the users’ information, news, and various articles under terms and conditions.


Every internet user acknowledges that accessing this website, including opening webpages on this website, and your use of services on this website, will presume that you agree to follow the terms and conditions presented on this website and accept all company’s service terms and conditions. You acknowledge that the company’s website is solely a medium to provide information for the users. If you do not agree or decline to be bound by any terms and conditions, please cease visiting and using this website.


Terms and conditions

This Policy covers the company’s practice regarding personal data received or collected when you visit or use this website. Personal data means any information relating to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased persons in particular such as name, age, gender, nationality, identification, or passport number, home or work address, phone number or email, etc. This Policy does not apply to third-party websites that link to or connect from the company’s website. Therefore, you should read and understand the privacy policies created by those websites too.


Collection of users’ personal data

If you would like to use some services through this website, you may have to provide the personal data necessary for the use of such services. Here are some examples of when the users must provide their personal data, i.e. when users would like to lodge job applications or perform any possible transaction in the future.

If you submit a complaint to the company through this website, you do not have to provide any personal data you attached with such a job application or possible future transaction. But you should realize that anonymous complaints or complaints that do not provide any relevant personal data may hinder the company’s investigation efficiency. If you choose to provide your personal data to the company, your personal information will be processed according to this Policy. Moreover, for the company to assess the performance of this website for the benefits of service improvement and compilation of relevant statistics, the company will collect additional information from you such as IP address, type of search engine, the domain name of a webpage you visited, a duration of your visit, and previous websites you visited before visiting the company’s website, and including other necessary information for the use of personal data as prescribed here.


Purpose of collecting, using or disclosing the personal data

  • To provide suitable services for users’ needs. The company will use users’ personal data to provide services that satisfy the users’ contractual purposes or respond to the users’ requests.
  • To comply with legal obligations in compliance with the relevant laws, i.e. securities and exchange laws, tax laws, anti-money laundering laws, computer laws, and bankruptcy law. The company collect, use and disclose personal data such as patient information, etc. Additionally, the company has the responsibility to follow the orders of agencies or legal authorities. The company may also need to cooperate with relevant foreign agencies in providing information.
  • For legitimate interests of the company, other persons or legal persons.
  • For the benefits of users when using products and services that the users have consented such as to provide users with better services and more suitable for the users’ needs, to provide the users with offers, special privileges, suggestions, and news, including opportunities to join special activities, etc.


Use, exchange, and disclosure of personal data

The access and use of your personal data will be permitted for the benefits of your job application or other future transactions. The company may acquire users’ personal data from other agencies to collect, use, and disclose for the company’s purpose.

The company will not sell, exchange, or disclose your personal data to other persons, provided that it is against the purposes of collection and retention of your personal data except in the following cases:


  • When it is the company’s duty to comply with the law, court orders, orders made by the legal authorities, or other similar scenarios.
  • There is a necessary cause that may affect the safety of welfare, life, and body of other persons, or in the case of breach of terms and conditions of the use of the company’s website.


The company will provide data and details for you within a reasonable period. You may be obligated to pay for incurred cost arising from such a request.


Rectification of personal data

You can request the company to rectify your personal data to be correct and present by submitting your request via email: info@klairemedicalcenter.com or following the directions provided on that website. Please understand that some data will be rectified once there is a verification of that data per the prescribed procedures.


Security system

The company has issued an order regarding the internal practices for confidentiality and safety of information, including the authorization of access and use of confidential information. Additionally, the company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol to organize the information exchanges between the users and the company through secured communication channels.



When you access our website, your data relating to your website access will be stored in the form of cookies. This cookies policy will explain the definition, use, purpose, and including the deletion and restriction of cookies collection for your privacy. By accessing this website, you have consented to our use of cookies according to the following cookies policy.


What are cookies

Cookies are small data files that store information by saving themselves into your computer or communication devices such as tablet or smartphone that accessed through the web browser when you entered our website. The company’s website may use cookies in some cases.

The company uses cookies only for collecting beneficial information for the subsequent time information owners revisit the company’s website. When the information owners use the web browsers, they adjust the settings to accept or deny all cookies or notify them when there is a delivery of cookies. The information owners can set up the settings in the “Help” menu within the browsers to learn how to change cookies usages of the information owners. Please know that turning off cookies may affect some services accessed by the information owners.


How cookies are used

We use cookies to enhance your experiences and satisfaction by helping us understand how your use the website quickly and make our website easier and more convenient to access. In some cases, we may need third parties to operate, which may use IP address and cookies to conduct statistical analysis, connect the information and process the data for marketing purposes.


Types of cookies we use

Types of cookies Details Examples
Strictly Necessary cookies This type of cookies will help with the consistency of your website surfing experience, such as remember the sign-in, remember the information you gave to the website. JSESSIONID





Analytical / Performance cookies This type of cookies will help us assess the performance, such as determining the number of page views and unique users. These kinds of information will be used to analyze patterns of user behaviour. Google Analytics


Cloud Flare


Behavioural Advertising / Targeting cookies This type of cookies will be saved on your devices to store the access information and links you visited and followed. In addition, the third-party cookies may use information shared through social media and contents collected from the service to understand the needs of users to tailor our website and our advertising campaign to suit your interests. Adnuntius

Adobe Audience


Adobe Target


Google Analytics



Functional cookies This type of cookies will provide convenience when you return to use the website again. We will use the information to customize the website based on your preferences. Google Analytics



Cookies management

We will not use cookies to collect personal data that can identify your identity. Nonetheless, suppose you do not accept the cookies. In that case, you can choose to decline or block cookies by changing the settings in your browser (please see further information at the Help menu in the browser) and please know that most web browsers will accept the cookies automatically. Therefore, if you do not want to use cookies, you may need to keep declining or deleting cookies. And if you would like to learn more information about the use of cookies in browser on other devices such as smartphones, tablets and the details about the decline or deletion of cookies, please consult your device manual.

However, you should be informed that even though you decline the cookies, you can still visit our website, but some features on the website may not be complete.


Change of cookies policy

The cookies policy is subjected to amendment occasionally to comply with regulations. Therefore, we recommend that you ensure that you understand the changes of such policy.


Privacy policy of other websites

This privacy policy is for the product, service, and website provided to our customers only. If you visit other websites, even though it is through our website, the personal data protection will be enforced by the privacy policy of those websites; we have no involvement whatsoever.



The company reserves the right to edit, change, add, or remove any term or condition relating to this website with or without prior announcement to the website users. The company holds no responsibility towards any website user or person. If the website users continue using this website when there is any change, it will be deemed that they have already accepted such changes.


Your use of this website has been deemed an acceptance and agreement to this term and condition of the website. Using this website in the future after a change or addition to this term and condition of the company’s website will assume that you have accepted the term and condition that have been amended.


Effective from 1 April 2021

M.D. Health and Beauty Co., Ltd.