PM 2.5 Healthy Buffet

PM 2.5 Healthy Buffet

PM 2.5 in addition to causing the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in the body. There are also free radicals that cause inflammation of the internal organs and affect our immune system as well. This can result in serious disease and health problems.

Klaire Medical Center presents the PM 2.5 Healthy Buffet program that includes a nutrient drip program that helps #restoreliverfunction in eliminating toxins from the body #antioxidant #Enhanceimmunity #Reduceinflammation Helps you feel fresh and powerful. Strengthen health better than ever. Items to choose from are as follows:

♦️Liver Clear : Enhance liver function. Helps the liver to better excrete toxins from the body.

♦️Liver Revive : Nourish liver cells that are aged or damaged from hard work. Helps liver to come back to work better than before.

♦️ Antiox Mix : Rich in vitamins that help fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, help protect the body from sunlight and pollution.

♦️Myer’s Cocktail : a variety of vitamins and minerals. Enhance the body’s immunity. Helps the body refresh and energize.

? Super special with 2 types of buffet promotion prices :
✅ Buffet 10 times, price 45,000 baht (from normal price 50,000 baht)
✅ Buffet 20 times, price 80,000 baht (from normal price 100,000 baht)

? From now until 30 April 2023 only.

** Can use 1 service at a time.
** Use the service within 6 months.
** We reserve the right not to use in conjunction with other discounts or privileges.
** Rights can be transferred to other family members.
** Cannot cancel or refund.

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