Special PRP for Knee Osteoarthritis

Special PRP for Knee Osteoarthritis

Klaire’ Special PRP

Osteoarthritis of the knee is an increasingly common condition with an increasing number of human lifespans and changing usages in today’s society, such as going up and down with stairs, sitting on the knees for extended periods of time, as well as a marathon, triathlon, soccer, or other jumping-and-stretch sports like badminton. The treatment of osteoarthritis depends on the type, stage, and cartilage damage. For people with severe cartilage destruction and knee deformities or patients unable to use the knee in normal daily life, surgery may be necessary. Therefore, treatment from a mild stage is very important.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a widely used treatment for osteoarthritis abroad because it is safe from using your own blood without the harmful side effects of steroid injections. This treatment has been recognized that can alleviate or slow the deterioration of the knee for the appropriate patient by the correct injection technique from orthopedist.

Klaire is an integrated medical science and adapts a wide range of medical knowledge, skills and technologies. In addition to conventional PRP treatments, we also offer special PRP treatments that may be needed depending on individual problems.

  • PRP with HA

: is a PRP injection in combination with Hyaluronic Acid or HA. It is suitable for osteoarthritis with obvious stiffness of the joints. Lubrication reduces joint friction and reduces cartilage damage from heavy use.

  • PRP with Ozone

: is medical-grade ozone injected into the joint after PRP injections. It is suitable for osteoarthritis with relatively severe pain. Ozone reduces inflammation and pain faster than conventional PRP.

  • PRP with Laser

: is a laser light that has the property of energizing cells, increasing blood circulation, and reducing inflammation in the joints after PRP injection. It increases the repair rate of cartilage faster and reduces inflammation. More than conventional PRP.

  • PRP Triple

: is a single injection of PRP combined with laser and ozone irradiation. It reduces pain, inflammation and restores joints faster. It is suitable for those who need rapid healing results or those with osteoarthritis or more severe cartilage injury.