Know your body deeper with Biofeedback

Know your body deeper with Biofeedback

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Know your body deeper with Biofeedback

♦️Many people have heard or are worried about latent diseases that never show symptoms or cannot be detected until the disease manifests itself, it can be so severe that it cannot be cured or too late to fix it, so we should get to know our bodies deeper than ever to prevent and fix such problems early.

♦️ Biofeedback testing is an examination of the balance of various systems in the body by detecting the reaction the body responds to when stimulated (feedback). Biofeedback test can detect some abnormalities that can not be found by other tests such as blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans, or endoscopies. Biofeedback makes us aware of the abnormalities of organ functioning in the early stages including inflammation or injury that still has unclear symptoms. It is suitable for detecting chronic diseases or conditions that cannot be explained by specific examinations. It can be used regularly to keep balance the body properly.

Symptoms or conditions suitable for using biofeedback to find the cause of symptoms such as

✅ Insomnia or difficulty falling asleep
✅ Anxiety or depression
✅ Autonomic nervous system disorders caused by mental problems
✅ Headaches from migraine or stress
✅ Amnesia or brain malfunction
✅ Alzheimer’s disease
✅ Abnormally high or low blood pressure
✅ Cardiac arrhythmias
✅ Respiratory disease such as easy tiredness, asthma
✅ Abdominal pain with unknown cause
✅ Digestion problems constipation or diarrhea
✅ Leaky gut syndrome
✅ Allergy or Autoimmune disease
✅ Hormonal fluctuations
✅ Menstrual pain or irregular menstruation
✅ Irregular symptoms after menopause
✅ Abnormal symptoms after infection or vaccination of COVID-19

♦️In addition to helping to find the cause of the malfunction, Biofeedback can also be used to treat conditions found. It can supplement other treatments to be more efficient as well.


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