Dementia in middle age : Risks and Prevention

Dementia in middle age : Risks and Prevention

 #Dementia is a condition in which brain function decreases due to brain cells deteriorating or being destroyed. This causes the brain cells’ ability to communicate with each other to deteriorate, becoming stuck and not smooth, causing an impact on lifestyles and careers. The symptoms of dementia depend on the severity and the part of the brain that is damaged. Most often, dementia is found in elderly people (age 65 and over). The incidence of dementia in #middle-aged people (ages 45-59 years) tends to continue to increase. Studies have found that risk factors for dementia in middle age include:
– Drinking alcohol
– Smoking
– Lack of physical activities
– Decrease in vision or hearing
– Isolation from society
– Depression
– Some chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes.

Prevention of dementia in middle age is to change behavior to be healthy, including
✅ Exercise regularly.
✅ Get enough rest.
✅ Stop drinking alcohol.
✅ Stop smoking.
✅ Be social and meet friends or relatives frequently.
✅ Listen to music, watch movies or read books regularly.
✅ Take care of your health and be strong to free from chronic disease.

However, even though we have tried to prevent it but dementia can also occur from other factors. Therefore, it is important to regularly observe the symptoms of yourself or those close to you. Because if you start taking care of it from the beginning, It will be possible to treat and prevent the progression of the disease. At Klaire Medical Center we have services that help #restore the brain to work better Including #preventing the occurrence of dementia as well.

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