Diabetes and Integrative medicine

Diabetes and Integrative medicine

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Diabetes is a major health problem of the world population. Found that the prevalence of diabetes tends to increase every year. The harmful of diabetes is its complications dued to prolonged high blood sugar levels. It makes many systems in the body worse, such as the vascular system, immune system, nervous system, excretory system including body repair system.


Chronic complications in people with diabetes

is a gradual condition but can lead to serious harm if untreated, including:

– Foot problems

: DM foot is caused by many factors in diabetes, including numbness in the feet from damage to the peripheral nerves that cause ulcers without knowing it. Poor blood flow from narrowed vessels leads to necrosis and non-healing wounds. DM foot, if left untreated, can lead to amputation of the foot or leg.

– Heart attack and stroke

: Prolonged high blood sugar levels can damage your blood vessels. In some cases, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

– Nephropathy

: Diabetes can damage kidney cells. This reduces the efficiency of elimination of waste and excess fluid. Finally i can lead to kidney failure.

– Neuropathy

: Diabetes has a damage effect on nerve cells. It decreases nerve impulse conduction and affects the senses in terms of sight, hearing, touch and movement.

– Retinopathy

: An abnormality of the retina due to diabetes affect vision and can lead to permanent vision loss.

– Sexual problems

: Damage to nerves and blood vessels results in decreased sensation of organs, difficult erections leading to erectile dysfunction including urinary incontinence.

Diabetes Management

✅ Check your health regularly

: The key to preventing complications from diabetes is Maintaining blood sugar levels, blood lipid levels and blood pressure levels to be within normal limits. It’s important to know this information as well as your hormone levels. This enables your doctor and you to come up with an appropriate and safe treatment plan.

✅ Eat healthily

: should eat food that is good for health, refrain from sweet, oily and salty foods. Control calories properly.

✅ Exercise

: Should do moderate exercise for at least 30-45 minutes (3-5 days a week ) on a regular basis to help burn the remaining energy from use. and help promote the lung and heart function.

✅ Stop smoking

: Smoking causes artery constriction and lack of flexibility. It affects the flow of blood to various organs including heart and brain.

✅ Integrative medicine

: It is a treatment that combines various fields of medical science together. The objective is to normalize blood sugar levels with minimal medication use. At Klaire Medical Center, we have experienced doctors who can help keep you away from diabetes and its dangerous complications.


??‍⚕️ If you or a family member has diabetes or is at risk of diabetes and interested in non-drug treatment. You can make an appointment to consult with a doctor both onsite at the clinic and online via Telemedicine.


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