FIT test (Advanced Food Inflammation Test)

FIT test (Advanced Food Inflammation Test)

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Beyond general food allergy testing with Immune Complex technology.

At present, there are various techniques for detecting latent food allergy. The quality and accuracy of each method is different. Sometimes causing inaccurate results or false positives that results in the treatment planning and behavior modification.


FIT test (Advanced Food Inflammation Test)

is a new type of food allergy test that provides more than a general latent allergy test. It was invented by scientists graduated from MIT with modern technology and international standards.


Fit test (Advanced Food Inflammation Test) will detect both IgG antibodies and Immune Complex IC-C3d at the same time, thus making it more accurate and effective than the normal food intolerance test that only detects IgG alone.


FIT test, in addition to inspecting 134 types of food, it also covers MSG, food coloring, preservatives, all food categories in daily life. Therefore, avoiding the food obtained from this test will improve the effectiveness of the treatment of latent allergic disorders.


In addition, it was found that when the food allergy was stopped, The severity of the allergic reaction is reduced or can be changed. Therefore, after treatment, the FIT test should be repeated every 6-12 months to monitor symptoms and adjust the treatment program in relation to the actual condition at present.


Credits : information and illustrations from Sanwiz Lab.

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