Effects of heavy metal poisoning (toxicity)

Effects of heavy metal poisoning (toxicity)

Symptoms of heavy metal
Depending on the type and amount accumulated in the body. The common symptoms include Fatigue, Headache, Abdominal pain, Nausea, vomiting, and Numb or tingling of hands and feet. In children, it may affect bone formation. Pregnant women may be at risk of miscarriage or premature birth.


♦️The specific symptoms of each heavy metal are:
– Lead poisoning: brain dysfunction, impaired vision or hearing, speech difficulty,
– Mercury poisoning: trouble walking
– Lead poisoning: sleep disorders, aggression, anxiety, amnesia, anemia.
– Cadmium poisoning: fever, muscle aches, shortness of breath
– Arsenic poisoning: diarrhea, palpitations, muscle cramps, red or spots on your skin.


♦️The cause of heavy metal accumulation
Heavy metals can enter the body in many ways through eating, breathing, and exposure. The main factor causing the accumulation of heavy metals is frequent exposure a long time. Those have risk factors for heavy metal poisoning include:
– People who work in industrial plants or live near industrial plants.
– People who have used or been exposed to pesticides, and herbicides.
– Eating contaminated food such as seafood, vegetables, and fruits.
– Drinking contaminated water.
– Using containers made of certain metals.
– Smoke or inhale cigarette smoke regularly.
– Being in an environment with smoke or pollution.
– Regularly eat processed foods such as canned fish, soft drinks, and crunchy snacks.


??‍⚕️ Heavy metal accumulation causes poisoning and affects various systems of the body, which may also cause further chronic diseases. The most important thing is to avoid any risk factors. If there is a risk or symptom that is suspected of heavy metal poisoning, You should consult your doctor to check the levels of heavy metals in your body and treat it before becoming severe health problems.


✅ at Klaire Medical Center We have a specialized method that detects heavy metals accumulated in the body with rapid and accurate results. We also have a test for checking the ability to excrete heavy metals from the body. In addition, we provide chelation therapy which is both injectable and oral according to the suitability of individual problems.

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