Smart Chelation program : Clear heavy metals effectively and safely.

Smart Chelation program : Clear heavy metals effectively and safely.

With the current environment, We may have unconsciously accumulated heavy metals in our bodies. If you live in a big city or work near an industrial area, regularly eat processed or potentially contaminated food including receiving cigarette smoke from people close to you, You may be at risk of heavy metal poisoning.


Klaire Medical Center recommends a Smart Chelation program that consists of
♦️ Heavy metal analysis : Checking the level of heavy metals accumulated in the body with modern equipment from Europe. Immediate, fast, accurate analysis results. No need to draw blood.
♦️ Medical Chelation : The removal of heavy metals from the body with chelating agents for medical use. It is a specific chelation according to each heavy metal detected. Therefore effective and safe. Convenient to use with both drip and oral types.


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⏳ Today until 31 March 2023 only


*** Expenses for each person are different according to the heavy metal detected and the chelation substance used in the treatment.
*** We reserve the right not to use this promotion in conjunction with other discounts or privileges.

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