Effects of Hidden Food Reactions on Children (EP.1)

Effects of Hidden Food Reactions on Children (EP.1)

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Hidden food reactions usually show mild and slow symptoms compared to acute food allergy in which the hidden food reaction, The body produces type G antibodies (IgG), or silent attack type combatants. They come out little by little to react with the food causing the problem (enemies). The war that takes place will cause damage to our own bodies from the weapons used and the substances produced by the fight. Over a long time, it will disturb the immune system throughout the body until it fluctuates. Normally, the effect of this battle would take about 3 days or maybe even sooner.

The cause of hidden food reaction starts from the gastrointestinal tract abnormality. And it is often associated with leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome can be caused by many factors such as stress, lack of rest, illness, toxins in the body, eating a reactive type of food, taking antibiotics or eating food contaminated with antibiotics for a long time or taking certain drugs such as steroids or NSAIDs continuously, nutrient deficiencies, such as zinc minerals or lack of enzymes needed for digestion. When eating food that the body continuously produces IgG, it will cause more inflammation in the lining of the intestinal endothelial layer. Inflamed intestinal cells lose tight junctions, alteration in intestinal permeability, and loss of screening ability causing the food to be incompletely digested or toxins, chemicals, foreign bodies leaked into the bloodstream and to stimulate the immune system of the body type IgG to be alert and resist those foreign things until a reaction known as “inflammation” occurs.

♦️ The first symptoms that are most common are skin symptoms. Some people have hives like itching. Some people may have red and itchy skin without a rash. Some may have swelling around the face, eyes, lips, tongue, and palate. In children, the most common symptoms are Eczema which often causes concern for parents until they have to bring them to see a doctor before being followed by various symptoms which will be discussed in the next episode…

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