Balance hormones : For good health and look younger

Balance hormones For good health and look younger 😊

♦️ Naturally, The functions of various systems in the body will change with increasing age. The hormonal system works as well. We found that hormones will begin to work unproperly or have a hormonal deficiency at the age of 35 years and older in women or 40 years and older in men. They cause symptoms or physical condition that has changed significantly compared to young people.

♦️ Examples of changes in the body due to hormonal deficiencies include:
– Wrinkles or dark spots on the face, wrinkles on the body
– Accumulation of more body fat such as belly, waist, hips, thighs
– Decreased muscle mass and strength
– Decreased brain performance
– Decreased memory and creativity
– Anxious, easily stressed, easily irritated
– Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia
– Decreased enthusiasm feeling lethargic, not wanting to work
– Decreased immunity, easy to get sick, slow recovery for injury or illness.
– Osteoporosis, brittle, easily broken bone.
– Decreased sex drive or sexual performance
– Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, etc.

♦️The internal systems of the body that rely on hormones are from head to toe, such as the brain and nervous system, fat burning or energy production, heart and circulatory system, muscle and bone, reproductive system, etc. Therefore, creating a good balance of hormones is an important factor that leads to good health, enhances physical performance, slows down aging, and makes you look younger.

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