The problem of “weight gain” may be caused by hormonal imbalance

The problem of “weight gain” may be caused by hormonal imbalance 

⏲️ If your weight is going up for no reason or can not losing weight. You’re probably having a question in your mind, for example, why do we control diet but we’re not as skinny as others? Why do we exercise and never lose weight? Do both diet and exercise Why won’t the weight drop? Or is there something wrong in my body?

♦️ The important thing that some people may not know or overlook is the functioning of the endocrine system or hormonal balance

♦️ Hormones are chemicals from the endocrine glands that control the functions of the body in balance. So hormones affect our body weight and help predict whether will we be able to lose weight successfully.

♦️ There are many hormones in the body that are related to weight gain or obesity. It works to control many systems such as digestion, metabolism, and appetite. If these hormones are out of balance, they can be a major contributor to obesity. The hormones that affect weight include:

Cortisol : It is secreted by the adrenal glands. It’s the hormone that comes with stress because when we feel stressed or even in a state of starvation, Cortisol will be stimulated to secrete more to restore the body. But the other side effect is to stimulate hunger or cravings for sweets until it causes obesity.

Thyroid Hormone : It is secreted by the thyroid gland. Helps regulate energy metabolism, body temperature, and blood lipid levels including emotions and feelings. If the thyroid gland produces fewer hormones, Body weight will increase easily and not lose by exercise.

Growth Hormone : It is secreted by the pituitary gland. It acts as a growth regulator and helps restore muscles while sleeping. It also helps to burn fat. Therefore, if sleeping is not enough or too late. the body lacks growth hormones. As a result, the body has more fat accumulation including the body’s metabolic system works less.

Insulin : It is secreted by the pancreas to control blood sugar levels to stabilize, and reduce diabetes risk But if the amount of insulin in the blood is too high (Mostly caused by eating carbohydrate foods such as flour, rice, sweets, sweets) will result in the body to accumulate more fat than usual. And if we still have a habit of eating sweets often. Insulin resistance is an early sign that We are at risk of developing diabetes. because blood sugar levels (Glucose) is at a level that is higher than the standard, resulting in the body to accumulate more and more fat.

Leptin : Serves to control appetite, not to have too much. This hormonal disorder is associated with restful sleep. If we don’t get enough rest,The body has leptin resistance. This hormone is unable to send signals to the brain that you are full. So we feel hungry all the time.

Ghrelin Hormone or the hunger hormone is a hormone secreted by stomach cells. stimulates hunger. Ghrelin is released especially when we are stressed or anxious, overworked, staying up late, or getting little rest. As a result, we feel hungry easily and want to eat more even when we are full.

In addition to the hormones mentioned. There is another group of hormones that are very important to your weight as well, which is the Sex Hormone which will be discussed further in the next article. which will be about The importance of sex hormones in obesity and being in good shape.

♦️If you have unexplained weight gain or are unable to lose weight. Don’t just ignore the hormones. In the event that these problems are suspected, KMC can test hormone levels with a high-standard laboratory. and individualized hormone replacement therapy and supplementation by a skilled physician. To help balance hormones effectively and safely.

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