IV Laser Therapy : Boost energy, Support immunity, Balance hormone, Reduce pain and sleep problem

IV Laser Therapy

Boost energy, Support immunity, Balance hormone, Reduce pain and sleep problem ?‍⚕️

IV Laser Therapy or Endolaser Therapy is a modern treatment from Europe. The principle of treatment is the intravenous infusion of light with a specific wavelength. The effect of light in different wavelengths affects the body in many ways. The primary effect is enhancing the function of mitochondria, which are components within cells. It serves to produce ATP or energy in cells. When mitochondria work better, cells become more powerful resulting in various systems of the body working better.

♦️Benefits of IV laser
– Add energy to the cells in the body. Helps cells work more efficiently in building, repairing, and sustaining.
– Add energy to red blood cells, making blood flow better. Helps organs have more blood to nourish.
– Enhance the oxygen exchange system in the body. Helps cells to better use oxygen in various processes.
– Boost the immune system. Helps the body to resist infections.
– Helps the body’s recovery process after illness or injury.
– Reduce inflammation in the body, reduce pain, and help wounds or injuries heal faster.
– balancing hormones in the body. Reduce symptoms of hormonal deficiencies such as menopause.
– Aids in memory and emotional balance. Helps to sleep better.

♦️IV laser therapy is suitable for
– Some cardiovascular diseases
– Cerebrovascular disease
– Some brain diseases
– Kidney failure due to insufficient blood supply
– Chronic wounds from diabetes or ischemia
– Emphysema, asthma
– hormonal imbalance
– Stress, insomnia
– recovery period after illness or injury
– Want to speed up recovery after surgery
– boost immunity. Helps treat infections
– Health promotion

♦️ IV Laser Therapy is a safe treatment, few side effects, and no radiation or substances accumulate in the body. However, IV laser treatment should be under the supervision of an experienced doctor and use quality tools that meet standards, so you can be confident that it is an effective and safe treatment for you.

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