IV Therapy: Choose carefully for good results

IV Therapy: Choose carefully for good results

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IV Therapy : Choose carefully for good results ?

At present, intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is a well-known service to help taking care and improving health conditions. IV therapy for beauty and weight loss is also trending among health-conscious consumers. Therefore, IV therapy services are widely available. But did you know that not all IV therapies offer the same efficacy❗

The effectiveness and safety of the treatment depend on medical expertise, grade or quality, and sources of the ingredients, volume or concentration, and specific formulations in order to be suited to the individual’s needs. In addition, the service procedures during IV therapy are equally important. Because no matter how good the formula is, if the nurses are not skilled, poorly prepared, or have poor sanitation, the results may not be as you expected. Another important thing to pay attention to during the COVID situation is the cleanliness and safety of the service place.

♦️Key features of Klaire Medical Center’s IV therapy♦️

✅ We have been providing the service for more than 10 years, thus giving our physicians and staff the expertise and experience to provide proper care.

✅ Using best-selected nutrients from reliable sources with global standards. As a result, quality and safety are high standard.

✅ We keep on developing new IV formulas suited with each individual.

✅ An IV filter is used to prevent unwanted sediments or particles from entering the body, which may cause blockages or inflammation of the blood vessels.

✅ Provide nutrition by aseptic technique and only one-time use medical equipment is applied.

❤️ If you want to improve your self-care with quality IV therapy, we are ready to serve you with care under international standards.


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