Discover the secret of longevity with telomeres

Telomere and aging

Discover the secret of longevity with telomeres

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Discover the secret of longevity with telomeres 

Scientists have hypothesized that aging or degeneration of the body can be caused by the presence of certain genes or chromosomes that cause the cells to gradually stop functioning, and telomeres are one of the keys.

♦️What is a telomere?
: Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes. Telomeres protect DNA strands from premature destruction. If we compare our chromosomes to a book, Telomeres are like plastic covers over those books. Do not let the pages in the book come off, torn, or damaged by use.

Nobel laureate Dr. Elisabeth Blackburn discovered that telomeres get shorter with age, or to put it simply a word, the shorter the telomeres get older. Our rates of telomere shortening are unequal, depending on many factors related to living our own life such as exercise, stress, food, cigarettes, alcohol, rest, toxins, and radiation that we receive. All of these things caused the telomeres to shorten faster than normal.

♦️If our telomeres are shorter than normal people, what will happen?
: An abnormally shortened telomere will allow us to enter into a state of illness easily and faster than normal people. It makes us be into the period of Disease Span (the period of degenerative diseases) such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, etc. more quickly than normal people.

♦️What should we do if our telomeres get shorter?
: Before knowing what we have to do to protect Telomeres. We should know that Do we have normal telomere length? Currently, doctors can easily determine telomere length from your blood test without having to refrain from water and food. Once examined, it will show how much deterioration your telomeres are. To use in planning to improve lifestyle to protect telomeres from further damage. In case your telomeres are getting severe shorten faster than normal. It is necessary to have a doctor perform an in-depth examination to determine the cause and to plan treatment. At present, there are various treatment options according to the suitability of each individual. In addition to slowing the shortening of telomeres, it can also lengthen telomeres.

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