Knee pain from osteoarthritis can be treated

Knee pain from osteoarthritis can be treated

♦️ Knee osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage of the knee has some abnormalities, such as thinning, roughness, or pitting. This is caused by certain factors such as age, usage, injury, and abnormal body structure or even hereditary causes. Although osteoarthritis is often found in the elderly but at present, there is an increase in osteoarthritis in the younger population with factors that contribute to the rapid wear of the joints, such as obese people, people who exercise vigorously in an environment that is not suitable for the body structures, sports injuries , injuries from various accidents. These make the problem of osteoarthritis of the knee more and more incidence.

♦️ Symptoms of osteoarthritis
depending on the stage and severity of the disease. Mild symptoms include joint pain during some use, especially when bending the knee, squatting, walking up or down stairs. Most patients also have joint swelling and noise when moving. In people with severe symptoms, it may be found that Loss of knee mobility, such as inability to fully extend or bend the knee. There is a deformity of the knee, such as a bowed knee. The important being that the pain may be more intense and long-lasting until it interferes with daily activities or favorite activities such as playing sports.

Treatment for osteoarthritis depends on the severity of the disease.

♦️In the case of mild symptoms that do not require surgery. There is a simple treatment concept of “reducing destruction” and “increasing regeneration” in order for articular cartilage to be restored and balance between regeneration and destruction.

✅ Reduce destruction is to reduce the load on the knees as much as possible, including weight loss, avoidance of heavy use or refrain from using the knee in an unhygienic position. Should strengthen the muscles around the knees to help reduce the burden on the joints, injecting lubricants or Hyaluronic acid to reduce the friction of the joints skin.

✅ Increasing the production is to promote the repair process of cartilage to be more effective, such as taking dietary supplements that have properties to strengthen cartilage, injecting blood plasma with concentrated platelets (Platelet Rich Plasma) or Integrated treatment for better treatment results.

♦️ People with severe symptoms or not responding to treatment, Surgery may be necessary which depends on the discretion of the orthopedic doctor. If you start to have knee osteoarthritis symptoms, You should consult your doctor for appropriate treatment and advice early on. This may help reduce the chance of surgery.


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