Prepare your body ready for New Year vacations

Prepare your body ready for New Year vacations

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It’s almost the end of the year. You probably plan to have a journey with your family,
but don’t forget to prepare your health before traveling.
Another important thing is keeping stay safe because COVID is still with us and hasn’t disappeared.


Klaire Medical Center introduces great options for those who want to stay healthy and energetic, have better immune, and reduce the risk of illness or travel exhaustion, or even jet lag.
There are several options for different needs.


♦️ Premium IV therapy

: Several clinics’ signature IV formulas, Can take before travel to get your body ready, increase energy, and reduce travel exhaustion, or jet lag. It helps to strengthen the immune system to reduce the chance of sickness during your trip.


♦️ Ozone therapy

: Adding oxygen to the bloodstream to get fresh, more energetic, and active. Enhance circulation and boost the immune system.


♦️ IV Laser therapy

: Support the energy-generating part function within the cells, which helps to increase energy and fasten body recovery, reduce inflammation, and adjust the balance of some hormones that help for relaxation and better sleep.


♦️ Bio-Energy Therapy

: Balancing energy and enhancing the functions of various systems in the body. It strengthens the immune system and can enhance the body’s defenses against specific infections.


There are also ready-to-eat food supplements to enhance the body’s immunity. Reduce the risk of infection while traveling.

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