Rejuvenate your body after traveling to celebrate the new year

Rejuvenate your body after traveling to celebrate the new year

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Happy New Year everyone. Many people would have a celebration event or travel together on the last long holiday. But don’t forget to take care of your health and prepare yourself ready to continue working.

At Klaire Medical Center, we have a variety of helpers to rejuvenate your body and your beloved ones as follows:

♦️ IV Therapy

: Intravenous nutrient drip to restore the body, recharge energy ,and strengthen the immune system. We have ourown special vitamin formulas to meet different needs.

♦️ NAD+ Therapy

: NAD+ substance drip that is outstanding in restoring the brain, nervous system, immune system. Including increasing the performance of the muscles.

♦️ Ozone Therapy

: Adding oxygen to the bloodstream. To add freshness, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the immune system to eliminate germs, especially viruses.

♦️ IV Laser Therapy

: Increases energy production for cells in the body through laser stimulation. Helps the body recover itself faster. Helps boost immunity and balance hormones.

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