Gene Mutation : The cause of cancer and chronic disease

Checklist to assess the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease caused by heredity ✅❌

Let’s see if you or a close relative family (siblings, cousins, parents, children, uncles, aunts, nieces, grandfathers, grandmothers) have these diseases.

♦️ Cancer
– Having breast cancer at the age of less than 45 years
– A triple-negative breast cancer
– Breast cancer in men
– Ovarian cancer
– Colon and gastrointestinal cancer or endometrial cancer when younger than 50 years
– Invasive gastric cancer
– Invasive prostate cancer
– Pancreatic cancer
– More than 10 polyps in the colon were detected
-There are 3 or more people in the family with cancer in the following groups: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer melanoma skin cancer

♦️ Cardiovascular disease
– Diseases of the heart and blood vessels caused by genetics, such as cardiomyopathy
, arrhythmia
– High blood pressure and high cholesterol from genetics
– High pulmonary artery pressure or vascular disorders throughout the body
– Had symptoms of cardiovascular disease at a young age
– On a pacemaker when younger than 50 years
– Congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, or cerebrovascular disease
at the age of less than 55 in men or at under 65 in women
– Aortic aneurysm or tear at the age of less than 50 years
– LDL ≥190 mg/dL
– Triglycerides ≥500 mg/dL
– Have unexplained sudden cardiac arrest or death
– Unexplained unconsciousness or loss of consciousness from exercise or anger.

📢 If you or someone in your family has any of the above histories. We recommend you consult for a risk assessment using Genetic Panel Testing. And those who detect genetic abnormalities from such examinations, Direct relatives who have the same blood can check their risks at a special price.

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