Proactive Genetic Screen

Proactive Genetic Screen

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Proactive Genetic Screen

Assess the risk of hereditary cancer and coronary heart disease ?

Cancer and coronary heart disease can occur for a variety of reasons. Have you ever wondered if Why do some people drink alcohol, smoke heavily, and work in polluted environments but not a serious disease? But why do some people who are healthy, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, exercise regularly, and live in a good environment but have an unexpected disease. It is caused by a hereditary genetic code that has been inherited from parents or ancestors. There are some genetic sequences that are abnormal and cause serious diseases.

♦️Proactive Genetic Screen detects the genetic code or genes associated with hereditary cancer and cardiovascular disease. They are congenital genes that will not change in life. Therefore, it is like a genetic blueprint that will help guide life away from the disease that awaits us in the future. It’s as if we had a map showing that there was a deep hole or a broken bridge in front of us. We can avoid that way and will not fall into a hole or fall from a bridge.

Proactive Genetic Screens are:

♦️ Proactive Cancer Screen

: A test to assess the risk of cancer caused by genetic factors.

♦️ Proactive Cardio Screen

: A test to assess the risk of coronary heart disease caused by genetic factors.

♦️ Proactive Health Screen (Cancer+Cardio)

: A test to assess the risk of both cancer and coronary heart disease caused by genetic factors.

For people with a family history of cancer or cardiovascular disease or those who have already had the disease. Diagnostic Panel Testing may be necessary instead of screening. A geneticist will provide a thorough consultation both before and after the test. In order to get the most suitable and beneficial examination for you and your family.

♦️ Properties
– Examination with a small amount of blood.
– Analyzed and processed by a specialized laboratory for genetics in the USA.
– Takes 3-4 weeks for results.
– Consultation by a geneticist who is skilled and legally licensed.
– Check only once can be used for a lifetime.
– In case of abnormal genes are detected, Family members can be examined at a special price.

♦️ Suitable for
– People who care about health.
– People whose family members have cancer or cardiovascular disease.
– Persons suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease and worried that these diseases will be passed on to their children.

? Check your gene today for the future of you and your beloved family.


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