Urine Toxic Metal Challenge Test

In today’s environment with great technological and industrial advancements, the risk that toxins and heavy metals accumulate in our bodies unconsciously increase. Especially those who live in large cities or near industrial plants. Every day, we inevitably inhale the fumes of cars and machines that surround us. Daily utensils and utensils such as pesticides, house paints, batteries, and contaminated food are also potential sources of these toxins. Heavy metal accumulation causes abnormal immunity and certain bodily functions. It can lead to chronic fatigue, impaired immune function, chronic headache and muscle aches or toxic diseases such as anemia.

Some heavy metals, such as lead or mercury, tend to accumulate in the body tissues. A general blood test or a simple urine heavy metal test cannot tell the exact amount of substance that is deposited in the body. More importantly, it cannot even impart the ability to detoxify. Therefore, the Urine Toxic Metal Challenge Test will help the doctor determine the number of heavy metal toxins in the patient’s body and how much of that toxin can be detoxified.