Fertility Preparation

The perfect family can be a dream of many. But with the social nature and way of life in today’s world that has changed greatly from the past. The working-age population has many tasks that carry daily responsibilities and accumulated stress. It can sometimes affect the body and cause a state of infertility declines. Some of you may need to have children when you are very old. Some of you are young but are infertile. Many people need medical help, such as IUI, IVF, or adoption. However, not everyone will be successful and have children. One of the reasons may be the lack of physical condition of both husband and wife. The husband may have weak or too few sperm. The wife may have certain reproductive diseases, an autoimmune condition from food intolerance or due to toxin / heavy metal buildup, hormonal imbalance and improper nutritional conditions such as mineral deficiency or some vitamins needed for fertility

The Klaire Medical Center offers a service to increase fertility success called Fertility Preparation, which combines examination and treatment. It includes the nutritional integrity and hormonal balance needed for fertility, the latent food allergy test, the toxin and heavy metal build-up, and other tests needed to find out. The cause is different for each person. Our doctors will analyze and prescribe appropriate treatment to keep the parents healthy and ready for fertility and embryo implantation. Of course, it can already increase the success rate of IVF or IVF. Most importantly, we take your safety as a priority.