Effects of Hidden Food Reactions on Children (Part 2)

Effects of Hidden Food Reactions on Children (Part 2)

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Chronic inflammation in the intestinal cells decreases the production of digestive enzymes resulting in incomplete digestion and absorption of nutrients. Food cannot be digested and absorbed for use effectively. The consequences are flatulence, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea,  vomiting, and also make eating less. It can negatively affect growth in children and cause problems with shorter or smaller than normal children.


Effects on the nervous system and learning: According to studies, Reactions to food cause some children to become moody, irritable, restless, or even more stubborn when eating that food. In addition, food reactions also affect children with ADHD because they will make them feel more uncomfortable and interfere with daily life. A diet control food that causes a hidden reaction is used in conjunction with other treatments in the treatment of ADHD to help alleviate symptoms and reduce drug use.


Because the symptoms of a hidden food reaction are not sudden and not as severe as a food allergy from Ig.E , patients often do not know that the symptoms occur to themselves are related to eating. Because symptoms can occur in patients after eating 72 hours, in the case of doubt Food reaction tests are therefore useful, which can be easily detected by blood test. Most of them will see results within 1 month.


After knowing the test result The doctor will control the food that causes the reaction conjugate with treatment with the restoration of the gastrointestinal tract so that the intestines can come back to digest and absorb food well as before. The body will gradually finally back to normal.

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