Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

After the age of 35, the hormone balance changes are common. These changes can lead to

  • decreased body energy
  • decreased metabolism
  • degenerated skin condition
  • decreased lean body mass
  • increased fat deposition
  • decreased bone density
  • insomnia, anxiety, depression
  • loss of sex drive

The hormone imbalance can also cause some symptoms like severe premenstrual symptoms (PMS) or increase risk of harmful disease like high blood cholesterol, ischemic heart disease and even increase risk of benign tumor and cancer

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapies (BHRT) supply only bio-identical hormone, which are synthesized so as to be identical to the endogenous hormones of the human body. With closely follow-up examinations and individualized hormone controls using serum, saliva and urine hormonal tests, our BHRT is at the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

Exclusive Hormone Screening  

Exclusive Hormone Screening make it simple for you to handle hormone problems. With current knowledge and medical technology, cause hormone deficiency it’s a common that everyone in family understands more about the change of their own body including parents. Which is due to the increasing age, therefore the body decreases some hormones and affecting the body and mind both directly and indirectly. Try to observe yourself have started symptoms following this or not.

–   Reduced energy, feeling tired

–   Pain in the body

–   Sleepless, insomnia

–   Hot flash, sweating easily at night

–   Frustrated, waspish or depression

–  Thin bones or osteoporosis

Hormone screening is a good starting point for effective hormone management. Because we can plan life useful, healthy food selection Including the knowledge and knowhow from the medical expert. Where various problems or any symptoms will not be a problem anymore.