Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy

Intravenous (IV) nutrition is method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural therapeutic substances directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract, where many nutrients may be partially or fully lost due to poor absorption. IV nutrition also creates higher than normal blood levels of the specified nutrients, which have been shown by the scientific literature to be effective in the treatment of certain conditions. Our anti-aging physician will tailors IV treatments mainly from the body of scientific evidence specific to the given condition

The Specialist of IV therapy

At Klaire Medical Center, we provide IV nutrient therapy for years by a specialized physician who truly have had experience in IV therapy, so our services and treatments are standardized and safe. Our IV therapy mainly emphasizes on healing disease and rehabilitating body, not just merely external appearance or beauty. We believe that if you have a good health condition, you probably have true natural beauty which keeps on with you. (Healthy and beauty from within through outside)

In order to be the specialist, we keep on developing new IV formulas suited with each individual, applying knowledge from leading global institutions. At the same time, we concern about efficiency along with safety.

Why IV therapy at Klaire’

  • Directly providing nutrients to cells, so the result can be pronto seen
  • Using best-selected nutrients from reliable producers with global standards
  • Mainly selecting natural-extract nutrients with no residues
  • Treating by specialized physician and registered nurse who have been experienced
  • Always enhancing new modern formulas in order to be suited with individual’s needs
  • No prohibited substances, so athletes can be treated accordingly

Conditions that should be cured with IV therapy

  • Pre and post surgery in order to prepare body, recover sooner, increase immunity, decrease pain and strain from surgery
  • Infections disease which occurs because of body weakness or mal-immunity, especially from virus
  • Toxic and metallic poisons accumulated
  • Weariness or chronic pain, including Migraine
  • Chronic disease such as adrenal insufficiency, coronary artery disease, hypercholesterolemia, and blood pressure
  • Injury or weariness from sports
  • Recover patients by reducing severity of disease, to get better sooner
  • For those who will be travelling, can prevent some infections disease
  • For those who have just come back from travelling, can rehabilitate body and reduce weariness

Klaire's formula IV Therapy

Super Immune Booster formula

This formula helps boost immunity, suitable for people who have insufficient rest resulting in infections disease from mal-immunity level , especially from some kinds of virus

Klaire’s Megadose Multivitamins and Minerals formula

This Klaire’ Clinic’s exclusive formula for supreme body rehabilitattion with premium nutrients for people in need of speedy recovery from fatigue, weariess from workload or excessive activities.

Super Antioxidant formula

This formula is especially concentrated formula to help recovery patients from tension or severe injury e.g. injury from major accident or surgery, chemotherapy or chronic illness.

Executive Stress formula

This formula helps for freshness and vigority, best for executives having high level of tension, weariness, insomnia, insufficient rest who have just come back from travelling, can rehabilitate body and reduce weariness.

Pain Reducer formula

This formula helps reduce pain severity e.g. muscle pain, dysmenorrhea as well as migraine.

Perfect Skin formula

This therapy with supreme vitamin C dripped in proportion to anti-oxidant has benefits in body nourishment, immunity boost, healthy skin including prevention our body from pollution and deterioration.

Platinum Fat Burner formula

This fat burner formula with premium nutrients helps increase rate of burning fat accumulated inside the body.

Myers’ cocktail formula

This standard formula, long-time renowned helps body nourishment including reduction of weariness from work.

Modified Myers’ Super cocktail formula

This special formula developed from Myers’ Cocktail by increase of body highest quality of vitamin C is aimed for rehabilitation together with repair of in order to get faster recovery.

Pre / Post Match Sport IV therapy

This therapy is best for sportsmen and people doing excessive exercise. It helps in body preparation, body boost, reduction of fatigue or pain as well as injury from sports.

Active FIT IV formula

This formula is to increase muscle mass and strength for better exercise performance and to repair the body and produce collagens as well as tightening the face.

NAD+ IV formula

This formula is to energize whole cells in the body to be healthier, improve brain functions and memory as well as reducing depressions and can also be used in combination with substance abuse treatment.