DNA Analysis

DNA is the genetic code that is carried with us from birth to death. DNA code is similar to the individual program written with individual characteristics. It may contain both useful strengths and harmful defects. Hence, if we know how our body is programmed, we can live easily in the future. We can plan our life, define our careers, choose our lifestyles, and take care of our health and avoid diseases. Besides that, we can know in advance what kind of aptitude we have, what kind of career should we choose or study for, what weaknesses and strengths we have. They can bring life planning for yourself as well as your children. We can know how many chances we have for cancer or some serious disease. To prepare and change behaviors away from the risks Moreover, we can also know which foods or drugs our body needs or which are not compatible with our bodies.

In addition to DNA Analysis, we can also provide advice on healthcare based on individual genetic characteristics, how to prevent serious disease or reduce the risk of hereditary cancer, nutritional advice, and appropriate medications or supplements for individuals.

Can explore :

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Physical performance
  • Sport performance and injury risk
  • Well-being
  • Stress and sleep
  • Ancestry
  • Skin and Hair condition
  • Gender traits
  • Behavior and personality
  • Education and success traits
  • Common health risks
  • Disease risks
  • Dementia and brain health
  • Cancer screening
  • Family planning
  • Drug response