Gene Mutation : The cause of cancer and chronic disease

Gene Mutation : The cause of cancer and chronic disease

♦️ Human genetic disease has many causes. In addition to hereditary genetic disease, it is also found that some diseases are caused by mutations in our own genes due to various factors without family transmission (Somatic mutation).

♦️One of the main causes of somatic mutations is an infection in the body. Whether from viruses, bacteria, parasites, or even fungi. When these microorganisms stay in the body for a long time or in a condition where the body’s immune system is weak. It will cause gene infection and is one of the causes of subsequent gene mutations. The disease group that we focus on because it is life-threatening is cancer, which we call this cancer group, Infection-related cancer.

♦️ Studies have shown that more than 90% of cancer patients, especially stage 4 cancer have several types of infections detected in the patient’s genes.

♦️However with advanced genetic science, allows us to detect genes that are infected or mutations since the pre-disease stage. This makes it possible to prevent future diseases by treating the infections, balancing the microflora in the body as well as building immunity that is strong enough to eliminate the infection from the genes.

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