Weight management

Weight control has an immense impact on the bodily health as well as the appearance and personality of oneself. Maxwell program is arranged and cared by the expert. It is a cared program without the usage of drug as commonly practice, but rather by analyzing and diagnosing the underlying problem that is causing the excessive or the unwanted mass through the usage of nutrients and natural hormones to assist in the weight management for the long-term effectiveness. In order to optimize the effectiveness method such as hormonal therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage or radiofrequency (RF) machine has been integrated into the program. Most importantly is the exercising program that is specifically design to increase the body’s metabolism to help burn the excessive body fat under the supervision of specialists.

Weight management services :

  • Metabolism and fat burning function test
  • Body composition: Fat, Muscle, Bone, Fluid
  • Hormone test for body metabolism
  • Food reaction test
  • DNA analysis for obesity risks and recommended nutrition.
  • IV therapy: Fat burner IV formula, Premium fat burner IV formula, Active FIT IV formula
  • Customized supplement : Fat burner, Starch blocker, Appetite reducer etc
  • Radiofrequency for local fat and cellulite reduction: face, neck, body, hip
  • Mesotherapy
  • Acupuncture for weight loss
  • Customized exercise and medical wellness