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Liver Detox IV Formula

Liver Detox When the liver is strong, we are healthy.

The liver is classified as an important organ in the body. It has the functions details :

  • Aids fat absorption, The liver will produce bile which helps to emulsified and absorb essential fat into the body
  • Producing proteins, Globulin Albumin and proteins essential for clotting system
  • Collected toxic substances such as drugs, chemicals, heavy metals, etc. before disposing from the body.
  • Eliminate and waste toxins, The liver also acts in the excretion of waste and objects are considered toxic to the body, such as alcohol, medicine caused by chemical extracts and certain bacteria.

Whenever the liver is over work or inefficiency, toxins will stay in the body, the whole system becomes intoxicated. Many different symptoms and health problems can result from a liver that is having difficulty coping with excess toxins

  • Skin problems : skin is also an organ of detoxification. When your liver isn’t working optimally, your skin will try to eliminate toxins and cause variety of unpleasant symptoms such as premature aging, acne, eczema and dermatitis
  • Poor digestion : bile is normally produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. If the liver isn’t function well, it will produce less bile result in inability to digest fat which cause deficiency of fat in the body. Normally bile helps to emulsified fat to make it water soluble and also helps stimulating peristalsis. Less bile production can cause a sluggish in bowel results in indigestion, constipation, greasy stool with foul smell, bad breath, bloating, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome and weight gain
  • Poor immunity : The liver contain many immune cells that clean up debris from the blood as it travels through the liver for cleansing. When the liver is compromised, the immune system works less. As result, you are more suffer from infections, flu-like symptoms, allergies and autoimmune diseases.
  • High Cholesterol: the liver produces HDLs (good cholesterol) which travel around the body and collect any excess cholesterol out of the arteries and back to liver. From there it is taking away in bile and excreted in the stool. With poor bile flow, the cholesterol accumulates and increase risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Fluid retention : almost all the protein in the blood are made in the liver. Blood proteins especially albumin help to maintain correct fluid balance. If you are experiencing fluid retention, it may also cause by inefficient protein production from the liver.
  • Other symptoms caused by accumulation of toxins such as migraine headache, fatigue, high blood pressure etc.

For persons who concern about liver health and looking for ways to nourish their liver. We may recommend Liver detox (IV drip) to help restore the functions of the liver so it can detoxify toxic substances, heavy metals, chemicals, medicines and alcohol and also help reducing the risk of fatty liver and cirrhosis. You can make a consultation with our specialist to find a suitable way to restore liver’s and body’s health at Klaire Clinic.

Suitable for

– Persons who stays in the air polluted area

– Persons who has toxic residues

– Persons who are at risk of cirrhosis and fatty liver

– Persons who regularly drink alcohol, caffeine or smoking

– Persons who exposes to some chemical or medications for a long time

– Persons who like to enjoy food like burned food (example barbecued meat), processed food, food with chemical flavor enhancers such as MSG or preservatives