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A medical innovation developed for the non-blood test is to leverage minerals and heavy metals in the body. It can be processed instantly in real-time and with high accuracy by a secure medical lamp placed in the palm of your hand and measuring the reflection with minerals and heavy metals accumulated in the tissues. It can analyze the level of more than 20 minerals and detect common 14 heavy metals.

Which groups of people are suitable for OligoScan?

  • People who are afraid of injection but would like to know what minerals are deficient.
  • People who would like to start taking dietary supplements but are unsure of the mineral deficiency
  • People who regularly take supplements and would like to monitor individual mineral levels.
  • Athletes who exercise hard and lose a lot of sweat, such as marathon runners, cyclists, or triathletes.
  • People at risk for heavy metal accumulation such as people living in cities mainly, people working in factories or living in industrial areas.
  • People exposed to chemicals on a daily basis such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hair sprays.
  • People who regularly consume processed food, such as crisps, instant noodles, sausages, frozen prepared meals or soft drinks.
  • People who smoke regularly