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When you travel abroad for long-haul flight, have you experienced the following symptoms?

• Fatigue, exhausted, no energy to start your trip after landing

• Jet lag, insomnia, time adjustment problem, headache, inactive & drowsy

• Concern of sickness while abroad effected from extremely hot or cold weather or high atmospheric pressure in the high mountain or north pole

• Concern of being infected when travel to some country trend for disease spreading

• Concern of no medical treatment during long stay at restricted area e.g. on long-trip cruise

• Need fastest body system recovery from long-haul trip to continue travelling activities or business such as training or meeting

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Cause of sickness from long-haul trip

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal is one of the important glands in the body producing many kinds of hormones.  The important hormone is Cortisol involving the hormone of stress poured out to enable ourselves to cope with spiritual and physical stress.

Stress is automatically built up inside our body from a long-haul trip or unacquainted atmosphere e.g. overseas countries including differences in time zone, weather, culture, and food.  When adrenal continuously produce a high volume of cortisol for a long duration, this leads to condition of Adrenal fatigue with symptoms of no energy, insomnia, exhaustion, perpetual craving of dessert or caffeine.  The physical symptom is shown as swollen body, unreasonable weight gain as well as immune drop effect in being sick easily or slow recovery.

 Jet Lag

Upon taking flight over 3-time zone within a short duration especially eastern to western direction, the biological clock inside our body which normally adjusts according to temperature and light is unable to adjust as usual.    This condition affects in feeling dizzy, loss of appetite, insomnia despite feeling sleepy, easily piss off, short memory, and distracted.  Normally, such symptoms can be recovered within 1 day per 1 time zone, for example, 12 time zones difference from Bangkok-New York flight requires approximately 12 days recovery.  Such a long recovery time certainly causes loss of fun throughout the whole trip for travelers and drowsiness for up to one week.

The above symptoms can be easily relieved by body condition preparation through either vitamin drip or IV nutrient therapy (feeding nutrients into the bloodstream).  Benefits of both treatment procedures are as follows: Direct cellular nutrition, Boost immune systems (eliminate infection possibility), Balance of hormone especially in adrenal that relatively relieves adrenal fatigue, Jet lag relieve.