Food Reaction test

Food is fundamental for life that it is the source of many nutrients. These nutrients are very significant for our body functions, growth, and immune system. Consuming food appropriately and customarily will help strengthen our body. However, some food is not appropriate for us due to our immune reactions to those kinds of food. When we consume the food to which we react, it can cause abnormal symptoms or even cause illness. For example, adults may have rash, acne, flatulence, indigestion, exhaustion, insomnia, and abnormal weight-gain. Children may have ADHD, Autistic, aggressive behaviors, delayed development, or being smaller the standard.

If you or your family members have some mentioned symptoms, it can be assumed that food reaction has occurred. At Klaire’ Clinic, we can examine these problems that which food you should avoid. We have a physician who is an expert in this area and a standardized laboratory from abroad. Here we have a reliable service for your health, preventing you from harmful food you may unawares consume.