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Essential Fatty Acid Test (omega Test)

Omega Health Test Service gives a more holistic picture of your essential fatty acids.

There are 2 most important fatty acids in our body are Omega-3 (EOA, DHA, DPA) and Omega-3 (AA and LA). Finding the balance of these 2 essential fatty acids would also balance the inflammatory response and cardiovascular health in your body.

Omega Health Test simply calculates the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in your body, an imbalance of which significantly affects inflammatory and other lifestyle-related disorders. Your Omega-Score will also indicate to your doctor whether you have proper nutrition or not.  With a quality assessment by our expert anti-aging specialist, you could rest assured that you will get accurate, easy-to-understand information and a recommendation to improve your diet and the quality of your life.

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