Sport and Wellness Nutrition and supplements

Diet and nutrition is extremely important for athletes and people who exercise. Malnutrition or improper diet can cause lack of energy, fatigue, weakness, loss of muscle mass, immunodeficiency, sometimes causing over weight or uncontrollable weight swing. Even today there are many supplements sold in pharmacies. However it is found that some components are not appropriate for athletes or those with medical conditions. Some component may accumulate within the body, other component may be too little to beneficial.

At Klaire medical center, we are medical professionals who specialize in Anti-Aging Supplements and Vitamins, with laboratorial standard and reliability for consideration in prescribing the necessary nutrients and vitamins in the right amounts. We provide nutrients in the form of intravenous and oral to keep your body healthy and slow the deterioration of the body while enhance the sporting potential even further.

Sport supplement

  • Joint support : nourish joints, reduce pain, joint movement will be better and last longer
  • Tendon and ligament support : nourish tendons to be stronger and be repaired quicker
  • Muscle building : build up muscle and its mass
  • Physical enhancing : enhance body to have more strength and durability for training and competition
  • Skin protect : protect skin from sunlight, the cause of freckles, blemish, and wrinkles