Hormonal changes in men at the age of 40+

Hormonal changes in men at the age of 40+

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Age 40+ is a time when everything in your life is quite perfect both job and family status. But it also comes with a lot of burdens and responsibilities. When entering this age, Some of you will begin to notice that they have changed. The family or the man himself will begin to recognize the change with the following
• Easily fatigued, decreased strength.
• Easily irritable, grumpy, neglectful.
• wanting to be alone, depressed.
• Hot flashes, night sweats.
• The muscles of the arms and legs are smaller.
• Increasing fat mass.
• Starting to have a belly, weight gain. Or the same weight, but the same clothes, tight, can’t wear.
• Shorter body, thinner bone, or osteoporosis.
• Lack of enthusiasm. Lack of motivation to work.
• Decreased sexual performance or desire.

♦️What is the cause of these symptoms?
• The answer is that male hormone or testosterone is reduced.
• Male hormones play a crucial role in every man’s youth. It has a relationship with bones, muscles and the brain. It is highest in the early twenties, after which it will gradually decrease. and will begin to feel it at the age of forty. Additionally nowadays there are many factors that cause menopausal symptoms to appear faster than normal, such as accumulated stress from hard work, not enough rest, urban lifestyle and side effects from taking certain medications.

♦️Techniques for self-care for men aged 40+ are:
✅ Reducing foods high in sugar and fat.
✅ Exercise 3-4 times a week.
✅ Look at the world in an optimistic way.
✅ Eat more nutritious foods such as protein and green leafy vegetables.

??‍⚕️ but if you don’t have time or take care of yourself more and you won’t see results. It is recommended to consult a doctor who specializes in anti-aging and hormone therapy. Your hormones will be tested and a treatment plan as well as guidance on how to properly and safely rehabilitate the individual’s physical fitness.


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